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Hi there, thanks for stopping by I'm Sarah I like travel, history, talking (a lot!), music, films and I have a good sense of humour (well I think so anyway!!) .


I'm a TEFL qualified teacher and I'm 100% British from the UK so I am a native speaker with a neutral accent. I LOVE helping other people to learn how to speak GOOD English.


I truly believe that GOOD English is a gift. It opens up a window to the world for individuals who wish to take advantage of so many amazing and wonderful possibilities and opportunities in life, travel, studies, and work. I'm blessed to be able to speak (almost!) perfect English and I am so grateful for it every day, and I am PASSIONATE about helping who want to, to do also!

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Speak English With Confidence

Skype English Lessons

English Lessons with a Native English Speaker

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Free 30 Minute Trial Lesson

A trial lesson where we can discuss your learning needs and goals and I can recommend a learning plan for you to reach them


Skype Lessons

1 hour | £27

Practice English and improve in all areas including Grammar, Speaking, Pronunciation, Fluency, Confidence, Vocabulary & give you tips for future areas to work on plus self study tips


Package of Ten Skype lessons

1 hour x 10 lessons | £250

In depth study over 3, 5 or 10 weeks Free English level assessment Working together to increase your level of English in all areas or a tailor made course designed to meet your current learning goals or target your ‘problem’ areas. Preparation tasks before classes & self study after lessons Recommended for students who wish to make rapid progress over a shorter period of time

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 Teacher Mentoring Programme

Coaching Sessions x 5 classes £175

Online TEFL teacher mentoring classes. Tailored advice and training that will guide you through online TEFL teaching basics including using digital tools, lesson plans, how to look for work and set up your online teaching business. Introduction price £175 limited time only- will be £250


Perfect your Pronunciation course

Transform your pronunciation in only 7 days with this online course. Price  £7 (normally £47) for a limited time only!



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Daniel Stossel, Bosch Germany


Sarah is an amazing educator. Her way she gives her lessons is unique. Her energy and great ideas to hold interesting lessons are inspirational. Since almost 2 years I am very happy to learn from her. For me, she is a hero, because with humor, empathy and deep educational understanding she takes away my worry to speak freely. Her classes are attractive, engaging, and enjoyable. I can only highly recommend Sarah for her professionality.

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